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Reduce noise and secure your washing machine.

Washer Pads are designed to be placed under the feet of any domestic washing machine. The pads absorb vibrations, minimise noise and prevent your washing machine from “walking” due to cycle movement. 

Simple to install:

  • We recommend two people install Washer Pads.
  • Ensure that the washing machine is completely stable on all four feet. It is advisable to use a level tool.
  • Place a Washer Pad next to each foot of the washing machine.
  • Tilt the machine to one side and slide a Washer Pad under each foot.
  • Once the Washer Pads are installed, ensure the machine is still level and the feet are placed in the centre of each pad.

    Features and specifications:

    • Made from durable, anti-skid rubber
    • Can be used on tiles, concrete, timber and vinyl floors.

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