Dryer Stand Maxi (For Front Loader Washing Machines Only)


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The washing machine and dryer are two integral aspects of any household, however they can often take up a substantial amount of space in your laundry.

To avoid this, some families mount their dryer to the wall or place it on top of their front loader washing machine, but doing this will only lead to extensive wear and tear, and significantly shortening the machine’s lifespan and may even void your manufacturer’s warranty.

So what’s the solution?

The Dryer Stand Maxi was specially designed for front loader washing machines with this exact problem in mind. The sturdy, durable steel frame is manufactured to hold even the heaviest and bulkiest domestic dryers on its top shelf, taking the guess work out of wall mounting and eliminating the possibility of damaging your washing machine.  


  • Made from durable steel with a powder-coated white finish to complement existing white goods.
  • Anti-slip rubber shelf to decrease dryer vibration and movement.
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors.
  • Fast and easy to assemble - Allen key, spanner and all nuts and bolts included with an easy to read instruction sheet.


  • Designed for Front Loader Washing Machines Only (if you have a top loader washing machine, please see our original product, the Dryer Stand)
  • Certified to hold up to 100kg
  • Designed to hold conventional domestic vented dryers, heat pump, condenser and gas clothes dryers
  • Please see size illustration for height and width adjustments
  • Shipped in a flat pack box with net weight 20.2kg
  • Box size L650mm x H990mm x W95mm

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